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GlassBox Theatre opened in January 2019. Based at the Medway campus of MidKent College, we are a community arts venue with a focus on programming nationally touring small to mid-scale fringe & family performance. We are a combined arts venue and host a programme that includes theatre, comedy & music. We pride ourselves on diversity, uniqueness & experimentation, so if you like to try out new things, then look no further. 


Although we are new, we have a strong commitment to our local community as well as the future careers of MidKent College students and are working on plans that will enable us to better support, local artists, too. 

We have also introduced a participatory programme of free workshops and courses in theatre and creative skills for adults.

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To use creativity to engage, support & connect a diverse local community whilst supporting individual learning and development.


Our vision is to be an organisation that represents & enriches our people and their needs by developing & diversifying their cultural and creative interests


We will work with a broad range of local external organisations and people to create engagement opportunities for people of the local community of Medway and beyond.


In addition to our core programme of world-class theatre, comedy, music and cinema productions we will provide a programme of participatory learning activities and projects to support the growing needs of deeper social community understanding and practical learning for career development across varied art forms.

 We will focus on diversity. Both our core programme and participatory activity will be planned to engage a wide range of participants from varying backgrounds and demographics. We will do this by ensuring that our programme has a realistic representation of the community we live in with regards to race, disability, gender and socio economics.

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