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Safety Summary

  • The event will be held in the Moat section of Lower Lines Park. Typically there are several entrances from outside into the Moat area, however for this event, access will only be granted via the entrance inside of Lower Lines Park. 

  • Tickets will be sold as 'picnic plots' and each plot is 2m sq and will hold  up to four people from one household or household bubble. 

  • Tickets will need to be booked online and in advance. When booking you may pre-book one of our freshly prepared picnic boxes or bring your own. 

  • Upon arrival you will find a staggered queuing system that will ensure 2m distancing between booking groups. 

  • Once inside the event area there will be the expectation that you remain inside of your plot and do not leave unless to use the toilets. 

  • All alcohol is strictly prohibited from this event. Soft drinks will be ordered from and served to you at your plot. So no need to queue for a bar.

  • Staff will be wearing PPE, hand sanitiser will be readily available and there will be enhance cleaning in progress.

We are very happy to be welcoming you back (albeit in a new location) and to welcome you all to once again enjoy some live performance. In order for us to continue to do this safely, we ask for your co-operation with some new guidelines: 

Please respect our rules. For the safety of audiences, staff, volunteers, students and performers, we must all respect and follow the relevant guidance. We will do our best to keep you safe all we ask in return is that you respect us and your fellow audience members by being conscientious and responsible.

We welcome the use of face coverings. We ask that when queuing for entry, exiting or if you leave your picnic plot for any reason, including to use the toilet facilities that you use a face covering. When you are inside of your plot you are not required to keep your face covering on. You are more than welcome to continue using your face covering inside of your plot if you so choose.

Please be patient. We are doing away with queuing for the bar. Instead we will be implementing a system that allows you to order right from where you sit. Please be patient with our staff as we work to bring you the best service whilst keeping you safe at the same time. Exiting the venue at the end of the performance will also take longer than usual, so please do bear this in mind.

Arrive early. Doors usually open 1 hour before the performance begins (but please do check). To avoid a long queue 5 minutes before the performance starts, feel free to arrive early, get comfortable, get you picnic out or order one of ours.

Please don't spread out. In order for us to fit everyone in whilst maintaining a safe distance between each household, we need to be fairly strict on people staying within their designated area. Once you have been shown to your plot, please keep your household together and stay within the parameters youve been given.

No Alcohol. People don't socially distance as well when drinking alcohol. It's very important to keep everyone as safe as possible and that includes a strict ban on any alcoholic beverages. We kindly ask you not to bring any along. Please understand that anyone consuming alcohol during the event will be asked to put it away or leave.

And here are a few of the precautionary measures were taking to help keep you safe:

Staggered queuing system for entry. There will be an expected 2m distancing queuing system upon arrival into the park and for the toilet and exit.

Hand sanitiser available throughout the site. There will be hand sanitiser available at various points across the site. Please use them.

A one-way system for the toilets. Please follow the signs for the toilet. A volunteer will be positioned to direct you. upon leaving the toilets please continue to follow the signs towards the entry gate.

Card-only payments. All payment for drinks and refreshments etc will be card only.

Socially-distanced seating. We have marked out 2m sections across the entire picnic area. Upon arrival you will be guided to your plot. All plots are the same price and each will hold a maximum of 4 people. If you would like to book more than one plot for more than four people and would like to sit together in single house groups or household bubbles then please do send us an email on to arrange your booking. We would encourage you to do this quickly to avoid disappointment.

For safety reasons we will not be providing picnic blankets so please remember to bring your own. You are also welcome to bring your own foldout chairs, but please do let one of our front of house team know upon your arrival so we can seat you where you won't be in anyone's way.

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